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Our Dogs



Timber was born January 26, 2016. He is IBC registered. Timber is one of the calmest dogs I have ever had. He charms every one with his beautiful personalitity. He loves to be outside either in the sunshine or in the snow but when he is in the house he is cuddly and affectionate. Timber weighs 7 lbs.



Saffron who was born in 2019 is Woody's daughter . Saffron is a wonderful little girl who is very calm, friendly and affectionate. She is  IBC registered and weighs 8 1/2 lbs. 



Kaliko was born on December 2, 2020. She is a lovely girl, full of life, inquisitive and affectionate. She loves everyone she meets and keeps us constantly amused with her antics with her best friend Jewel.  She is IBC registered and weighs 8 1/2 lbs.



River is a fun loving, friendly girl who loves to cuddle but also loves to play with her furry friends. She is intelligent and affectionate and I just adore her. River weighs 9 lbs. so she should produce puppies that will be suitable for families with children. She is also IBC registered. 



Laurel was born February 28, 2021. She is IBC registered and one of the happiest dogs I have had the pleasure of owning. She is always up for anything and loves to play with everyone both human and canine. Laurel weighs 6 lbs.


Ella was my original breeding dog. She was the start of my program and was the most beautiful girl both in looks and personality. Ella now lives with a wonderful family and is receiving the royal treatment she deserves. Thank you Ella!



Jewel is an intelligent, gentle little girl who is IBC registered. She was born November 8, 2020. She loves everyone and all her furry friends and is ready to play at all times but the best time is when she jumps on your lap for a long cuddle. Jewel is 6 1/2 lbs.



Finn was born Novenber 13, 2021 and is IBC and AKC registered. He is so full of life, affectionate and friendly that everyone who meets him falls in love with him. I can't wait until he is old enough to breed! I expect Finn to weigh around 6 lbs when he is full grown.



Piper was born October 8th, 2021. She is IBC registered and a true firecracker. She never stops playing and is always in full gear, up for playing with everyone and everything until she is tired then quiet time is a joy when she snuggles and is full of kisses. Piper weighs 7lbs.

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