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Available Puppies


 When I have puppies available they cost 3500.00 + HST which includes IBC registration, microchipping, shots, deworming and a 2  year written health guarantee.

They will come with a full bag of food, a blanket with the littlermates and Mom's scent on it, their favorite toy and an information package to help with their transition to their new home.

I am also happy to offer continuous support to ensure both my puppies and their families are happy. 

I have approximately 6 to 7 litters a year. If you are interested in a puppy please contact me and I will be happy to discuus each puppy in detail. 



Unity was born to Laurel and Finn on February 10th. She is a tiny little girl who probably won't weigh more then 5 lbs. full grown. She is affectionate and playful enjoying both wrestling with her littermates and snuggles with her Mom as well as her human friends.

Unity should be ready to go to her new family the beginning of May.



Utopia was born on February 10th to Laurel and Finn. She is the largest of the litter and will probably end up weighing around 6 lbs. full grown.

She is a smart, very calm, affectionate little girl who loves to be held but when it's play time she is up for any game with her littermates.

Utopia should be ready to go to her new home the beginning of May.



Ulysses was born February 10th to Laurel and Finn. He will probably weigh between 5 and 6 lbs. full grown. He has no idea how small he is though. He's full of life, spunky and curious but there is also a very affectionate side to him and he is always the first one to greet me when I walk into the room. Once I pick him up I think he would stay in my arms for hours just to cuddle.

Ulysses should be ready to join his new family the beginning of May.

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