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About US

My name is Gail  and I live in Wiarton Ontario. I have had 2 passions in my life, dogs and gardening. Thus, the name of my small in home kennel.


I aided my best friend, Sonja, with her Coton de Tulear breeding program for 8 years and then decided to branch out on my own and start breeding dogs. I wasn’t sure what breed but I knew four things. I wanted my dogs to be small, beautiful, rare and have wonderful personalities. I started my Internet search. It took months. I could not decide on a breed and my frustration was growing. Then one very special day I discovered the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier ala Pom Pon. IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!


My new search began for the perfect female Biewer. I found her in Indiana bred by a lovely lady named Geneva. My friend Sonja and I drove down to Indiana  to pick up Ella and were thrilled to see she was a perfect specimen of a Biewer with the added bonus of having one of the sweetest temperaments anyone could hope for in a dog. I purchased my male P.C. from Depasquiet Kennel in Montreal  and was thrilled once again to have found a good looking, well proportioned lovely little boy to start my breeding program. All I had to do now was love and care for my little angels until they were old enough to breed.


 My small kennel is now producing the quality IBC registered Biewers I imagined. Please take a look at my dogs and my puppies and feel free to call me or contact me by email if you have any questions or would like to purchase one of my babies.


I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for visiting Garden Grown Biewers.

What's A Biewer

The Biewer pronounced (bee-vair) is a rare breed that originated in Germany in 1984. They were created by Gertrud and Werner Biewer through a recessive piebald gene mutation in the Yorkshire Terrier. This gene added the white to the Yorkies coat thus giving the tri colour. Their standard is that of the Yorkshire Terrier other then the colour. They must have 3 colours on their head ( symmetrical gold, white and black) a white chest, white legs, a white tipped tail and a back that must have both black and white.


Biewers are small, hardy and fearless little dogs. They are very light shedders and easy to care for making them an ideal family pet. They live peacefully with other pets in the family and are very loving and devoted to their humans. They take their watchdog duties seriously yet are not overly yappy. Biewers are alert, playful, charming and clever. They don’t need a lot of exercise but love to run and play and are always up for a new adventure or challenge. While they are tiny, under 7 lbs., they have the heart of a lion and are completely unaware of their small stature.


It’s been said that “every day with a Biewer is a party.” Well, you’ll always be invited to that party giving you the opportunity to laugh at their antics and feel the unconditional love only your dog can give.

Purchasing a puppy

My breeding dogs have been chosen for their personalities and have been DNA tested to ensure they are 100% Biewer and are free of genetic problems . My puppies are raised among our family so they are well socialized, pre-spoiled and ready to love. Each puppy costs $2,500.00 and will be examined by my Vet to ensure optimum health. When your new puppy joins you he or she will be IBC registered, up to date on his or her shots, dewormed and microchipped. Your puppy will also come with his or her Veterinarian records and have a 2 year written health guarantee. To ensure that both you and your puppy are happy I will be glad to offer continuous after-sale support by answering any questions you may have. I am sorry I do not ship as I feel it is just too stressful on my puppies. If you are interested in a puppy you can just email me or give me a call at 519-534-4785.

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